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April 13,2013

Reviews are starting to come in for Alien Threat which are viewable at Amazon; see:

May 7, 2013

Also see: for review (5 star).

May 24, 2013

While writing Alien Threat, I had the thought of doing a trilogy. In this first book I made the Xyrptans look suspicious, not quite trustworthy. So, in the second books it turns out that the Xyrptans had their own ideas about the future of Earth. They launch their own invasion force towards earth. Simultaneously, The Praetorians, still festering from having been deported from Xyrpta, have their own plan for returning to their former home and have planned an invasion of their own of Xyrpta. So, we have a war with three planets participating from two solar systems that are 4 light years apart. The action should be sizzling.

The third book of the trilogy will be about the three planets, having settled their wars, finally working together to further explore space. Having discovered a new, inhabited planet 4 light years from earth but in the opposite direction from Xyrpta and Praetoria, Earth becomes the hub for this exploration of a planet markedly different from the three participating planets.

Any one have any thoughts about these future stories?


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  1. Just checking to see if comments works.

  2. The idea for a trilogy is great. In the second book don’t you think it will be a lot to cover wars on three planets. might be confusing.

    • Maybe so, but I’m planning on using the same characters on all three planets. How you ask? These will be avatars, actually robots who have the same brain functions, so the human Robin will be on Earth while her identical robot will be on Xyrpta, 4 light years away, having been constructed there and brain functions transferred there by radio telescope. She can then be shipped to Praetoria, in the same solar system. Her activities and thoughts can be radioed back to Earth so she is aware what her robot look-alike is doing. that may seem a little far out but I think it’ll work.

      • I think a 3 planet war is too much, 2 planets would be better.

        Is Robin, the human, and Robin, the robot actually look-a-likes?

        • No, Robin on Earth is a typical Earthling while Robin, the robot on Xyrpta, looks like a Xyrptan human, green skin, short stature, etc., but they both have the same brain functions.

  3. Paul Wilson says:

    Dr. Blide – Hope everything is well with you and Patti. Congratulations on your books. God Bless you both.