Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What is Tectonic Engineering?

In Alien Threat the spaceship shell, as well as interior parts, are constructed from plates that can be moved by nanomotors that allows for change in shape of the spaceship from a cylindrical to disc shape and vv. This is named Tectonic Engineering after the Earth’s surface plates which have a similar movement.

2.    When did you start writing and why?

As a teenager, I enjoyed writing and even entered an essay contest which I didn’t win. I wrote in my medical career, but it wasn’t until I retired that I began writing in earnest. My first published book, Heartfelt: a Memoir of Political Intrigue, Passion, and Perseverance, came out in 2008. The present book, Alien Threat, is part of a trilogy, the second and third books yet to come.

3.    Are the human-like robots in Alien Threat a possibility in the future or is this unrealistic?

Even a millennium from now, I doubt that scientists would be able to duplicate the human brain in its entirety nor do I think that they would want to do so. As we’ve seen in other science fiction, bots have been created to a level that they compete with humans for control. I believe that much more sophisticated robots will be developed in the future, but I believe that they will be manufactured with specific purposes in mind. It would make little sense to produce robots with no specific indicated task.