Alien Threat

Having traveled 24 trillion miles from the planet Xyrpta, aliens appear on Earth seeking a partner to extend their exploration into outer space. After contacting the U.S. government, a team is formed to coordinate forming such an association. Unwittingly, the aliens have led their arch enemy from their own solar system to Earth. The enemies purpose is to destroy our civilization, and then colonize Earth with its own people to escape the harsh environment of their own planet. With the help of their new alien friends, but with limited resources, the team begins an uphill struggle to halt this invasion. An epic intra-galactic battle ensues in an attempt to halt the gunships sheparding thousands of nuclear missiles hurtling towards Earth. At home a globe-encircling network of laser-laden satellities is hurriedly being constructed to intercept the on-coming missiles. Civilization, as we know it, is on the verge of extinction. Can Earthlings with the help of their new alien friends survive or will they succumb to a more advanced, brutally vicious planetary invader?